The “Republic of Port-au-prince” and the weight of history

Did Haiti’s troubles start with the earthquake? No, of course not.

By now most people will have discovered that there’s been all sorts of shaking going on for a couple of centuries allready on the western part of the Hispaniola. In this recording, Bill O´Neill speaks about the historical background, Papa Doc, general politics and the economic situation, the Haitian diaspora, the constitutional reform process, the Haiti-US relations etc. Allthough the focus was on the (then) coming elections, it might be of interest for anyone curious to learn a little bit more about Haiti.

Content: mp3s and some suggestions to where you can obtain further information on Haiti.

Bill O’Neill is the Program Director of the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum at the Social Science Research Council, New York. The recordings are from his speach “Haiti and the political situation – what is at stake?” at Litteraturhuset, Oslo, on friday first of October of 2010.

O’Neill on Haiti part 1 (12:38 mins)

O’Neill on Haiti part 2 (09:10 mins)

Map of internal migrations in Haiti post earth quake (of 17th of february 2010) mentioned about 8.00 mins into part 1

The recordings are published with the kind permission of mr William O’Neill.

Additional surfing opitons

Ezili Dantò: AN INSIDE LOOK AT HAITI’S BUSINESS ELITE. Quite simply a remarkable read and it provides some insight as to why things have been tough on the majority of the Haitians since long before the earthquake of 2010.

Recommended blog: On the goat path – two Americans living and writing in Haiti

The Economist – Haiti’s flawed elections: Whoever they voted for, the government plans to win

Or perhaps just learn a phrase or two in Kreyol?

Tweets from and/or about Haiti:
@alyssa011968 – Tweets about US Haiti policy.
@RAMhaiti  – Richard Morse, owner of the Hotel Olofsson, musician and activist.
@presidentmicky – the President Michel Martelly, aka “Sweet Micky”.

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