Peace – not war – on drugs. A conversation with Sebastian

Sebastian Marroquín and Asbjørn Slettemark

Sebastian Marroquín and Asbjørn Slettemark at Litteraturhuset, Oslo.

A most interesting conversation (in English) between Sebastián Marroquín – also known as Juan Pablo Escobar – and the Norwegian journalist Asbjørn Slettemark. Also includes questions from the audience towards the end. (audio)

What’s it like to grow up with Pablo Escobar as your dad? Is it true that he was working with the DEA? What does it feel to walk into a meeting where you could be killed, only to find your grandmother seated there, with the enemy? What does he mean by “peace on drugs”? And why is Sebastian so vocal about his dislike of the Netflix show Narcos? Did he – or did he not – possess the sword of Simón Bolivar? 

And – of course – what has surprised Sebastian the most about life in Norway?

This, and so much more.

The event was a part of Marroquín’s book launch tour 2017 – “Min far Pablo Escobar” – released in Norwegian  on Cappelen Damm.

Recorded on March 12th 2017, at Litteraturhuset, Oslo Norway, as a part of their series Historisk Søndag (
Reproduced with the kind permission of Sebastián Marroquín and Asbjørn Slettemark.


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